Fire Dreaming – Classic red Moroccan Berber Rug


  • Size: 9’6″ x 6’3″
  • Vintage item from the 1980s
  • Style: Bohemian & eclectic
  • Design: Moroccan
  • Material:¬†pure wool

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This classic old Zayan or Beni M’Guild rug from the 70’s or 80’s is a true Berber beauty. Nice, varying pile with lovely bright red colour and repeating diamond lozenge pattern. Classic Zayan Beauty with silky wool, variable pile, and double sided usability.

* Size: 9’6″ x 6’3″
*100% wool!
*This particular rug is a true vintage beauty in excellent vintage condition with the exception of incomplete fringes.

The Zayan are a semi-nomadic tribal group of, primarily, sheep herders hailing from the middle Atlas regions of Morocco. The Beni M’Guild are a neighbouring tribe who later adopted many of the Zayan style patterns for their own rugs. Hence the similar nature of the red Berber rugs.

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