What began in the 1800’s as a varied form of the Persian game As Nas, ( played with 5 cards for each player from a 20 card pack)  , Poker hence developed ( 1900's) into the mothership hovering over various different games, i.e 7 Card Stud and Texas Hold'Em. These spawned children went to being played with a 52 card deck, rules change and more games developed.  The 20th Century, gave rise to Modern Poker;  the 1970’s being the deciding decade in which the trend of Poker tournaments escalated and established themselves into our psyche. The Casino’s popularity also surged with Poker related , marketing themes. The precarious involvement of the Mafia  gave us a way to colorfully and imaginatively immortalize the “culture”  and poker champions became famous while poker strategy books flew off the shelves.   By the 80’s Poker had become an established Pop Culture Icon. As the tech world developed, so did on-line poker, and casino’s became a common sight within the American landscape, from Native American reservations to strip malls. Here, Francoise Montmirel give us a beautifully crafted book on the history of Poker, and the mindset needed to be a winner in this card game. The rules have changed scince it’s inception and Montmirel takes us through this journey in a precise and cohesive manner.  Wit, psychology, technical skills , memory and yes, luck are all needed to be successful.  

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