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Powerfully symbolic and evocative, hair's importance is irrefutable. Pre 1900’s, hair beauty related to length, extreme braiding and height.  The time and money needed to attain this style was an obvious nod to the elite. Things started changing around the turn of the century. As women started establishing their rights and gave less importance to men’s opinions and hair standards, hemlines rose (men loved this) and hair got shorter (men hated this). As the fight for equality evolved in the 60’s and 70’s, styles established strength and independence with shorter, shaggier and more masculine cuts. The 1970’s story was about black hair, Angela Davis, Aretha Franklin and Roberta Flack let their hair go completely natural, and the gorgeous Afro was born, defying society standards for black women to embrace the white, western look.

The excessive 80’s blew up hair trends; hedonism and decadence permeated the scene.  10 years of this madness left us exhausted, we turned back a simpler, kinder look in the 90’s, women rediscovering their more classic side through style icons like Kate Moss and Princess Diana. Now in this new millennium, has the tide finally leveled out?  Looking at Lily Donaldson’s long, loose, natural hair, have we finally found our middle ground indicating an established order along with a refusal to comply with what society dictates women to look like? Here are our picks for maintaining this newly established empowered head of hair, but don't forget the most important accessories of all, confidence.


"Flying Hair"

  Director// Matthew Donaldson Hair// Sam McKnight Model// Lilly Donaldson @ IMG Styling// Aurelia Donaldson