Plastic Perfect by Rachel Lee Hovnanian
By Guest Blogger - 13 Oct 2014
Constructed from over 400 slats of wood, the Mauricio Affonso Fan Table explores the fusion of craft and tradition with design and technology.
By Guest Blogger - 13 Oct 2014
London-based illustrator Daniel Frost creates whimsical and charming glimpses into his particular universe of strong colors and textures.
By Josh Walker - 13 Oct 2014
By Alexander Tzenkov - 13 Oct 2014
UK-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Alexander Kotz aka Elderbrook returns to us with his latest work “Could”. The 20-year-old has already shown serious promise with consistently relevant and yet distinct structured compositions built around his voice and
By Ani Tzenkova - 10 Oct 2014
/CASA BOSQUE/ Chocolate is a product of happiness and luxury. It’s for good reason that we crave chocolate when we’re down and give fine chocolates as gifts to loved ones.
By Kari Sundli - 10 Oct 2014
A collaboration between Acer UK and Central Saint Martins fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis has made it easier to take a selfie as they recently launched the world’s first selfie-hat.