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    Per Fonts-of-the-year, the time for the best of 2012 list has finally come.  If you’re  wondering how it was put together , this is a list that you, their users, have voted for — with your wallet. It is based on sales (revenue, not number of copies sold) of fonts that have first appeared on MyFonts since December 1st, 2011. They looked at average sales, correcting for what is called the Introduction Sales Peak (ISP), kept the number of font families from the same foundry down to a maximum of two, and made sure popular genres are fairly represented. There you go: a type hit parade like no other. Here’s the top 5…….   The other foundry that vaulted onto the type scene like a shooting star in 2012 was Emily Conners’s one-woman company Emily Lime. Carolyna Pro Black was introduced a year ago as the bolder sister of Emily’s successful Carolyna, and soon became a major hit. The family’s whimsical and charming take on contemporary calligraphic styles has obviously charmed many users. It uses OpenType wizardry to assist with letter flow and to give each creation that modern, hand-lettered touch. Note: both the Black version and its older sibling Carolyna, work best with OpenType-friendly applications. In the continuing avalanche of new script fonts, those designed by Alejandro Paul of Sudtipos still stand out. Stylistically spot-on, technically smart, well-equipped: each Sudtipos font matches the high standards in display type that they have themselves helped establish. Their most successful font this year was Hipster Script, based on a style of hand-lettering that was created for advertising in the 1940s and 1950s and stills looks fresh today. Use with OpenType-enabled software!   2012 was the year that foundries offered new fonts at amazing discounts of 80 or 90 percent off their normal retail price. Fontfabric used that crowd-pleasing sales tool to spectacular effect. Introduced at a record-breaking discount, their Nexa family jumped to the number one spot on the Hot New Fonts chart, and stayed there for quite some time. A minimalist yet pleasant sans-serif in 16 styles, Nexa is a versatile text and display family that is likely to remain successful at its (very affordable) full price.     Two young foundries have been particularly successful this past year, and one of them is Yellow Design Studio, run by Ryan Martinson of Madison, Wisconsin. Veneer was his biggest success, and in its genre — distressed display capitals inspired by vintage wood type — it’s a beauty. It contains no less than six varieties of each letter of the alphabet, enabling the user to select various grades of damage, for that attractive look of imperfect printing. In addition it includes an “Extras” set of funky dingbats and pictures… for free!   Click on each font to purchase or check them all out HERE