Cultivating TEAS

After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage on the planet. Culturally, there are differences in the way which tea is engaged: one can embrace it through its eastern tradition, where the preference in it's form would be as a loose tea, the leaves prepared, slowly steeped in water (heated yet not boiling), luxuriating in each sip the present moment,  enjoying this sacred part of the day. In the west things are a bit different.  Tea comes conveniently packaged in bags, a quick dip or two and a few gulps later its down the hatch and we are off to our daily rat race. Whichever way one has taken on , the footprint of tea is not one of ease. The cultivation of this beloved plant is back-breaking work and definitely not for the weak spirited. One must be in shape and resistant to harsh weather conditions. Cry babies need not apply. We owe so much to these tough and beautiful people who work these fields. Whether we are going for a caffeine fix or a moment of the day to step into spirit, we would not be able to do so without these diligent souls.  Here is some beautiful imagery by Photographer Patrick Galibert  documenting the reality of the cultivation of tea.