Appetite for Design

In Victionary's innovative book, EAT ME: Appetite for Design, eating is no longer a pure experience of smell and taste but rather an effective method of communication and engagement, an indication of modern cultural values such as lifestyle, criticism, aspirations and imagination. While no single aspect of food and it's associations can fully define the new food culture, EAT ME takes a slice out of modern life where food has been used as the medium from which we conduct social interactions as well as an effective tool to diversify our scheduled and sometimes repetitive lives. In addition to the highly competitive realm of food packaging design, the book also features a symphony of  art creations, social events, identity projects, restaurant designs, culinary implements and products inspired by food. This substantial showcase is complemented by fascinating insights in the forewords and case studies given by experts, entrepreneurs and practitioners, each distinct in their experience in product, packaging, image-making, branding and spatial design. Purchase Eat Me: Appetite for Design HERE   More information at